Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Baslick Abbey (Walsh)

From Thomas Walsh's History of the Irish Hierarchy chapter lix, p. 624 ff:

Bais-leac-mor. St. Sacellus, a disciple of St. Patrick, was bishop of this place, now called Baslick. He was one of those who attended the synod at Maghseola. Whether he was then a bishop or not, remains in doubt.

Bealaneney, was a house of conventual Franciscans. It was found to contain a church, with other buildings, and a cemetery, orchard, and garden within the precincts; eight acres of arable land and seven of pasture; a castle in the town of Athlone, near the cemetery of the parish church, in which were two chambers, and a parcel of land adjacent to the said castle, extending from the east near the market-place, sixty feet, and in length, near the river Shannon, two hundred feet.

These possessions were granted to Edmund OTallon, of Athlone, at the annual rent of 44s. 7d., Irish money.

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