Thursday, 2 June 2016

Ballindune Priory (Walsh)

From Walsh, Thomas; History of the Irish Hierarchy, cap. lx, p. 640.

Ballindune in the barony of Tirelill, seven miles north of Boyle and on Lough Arrow. The ancient sept of MacDonagh founded this monastery for Dominicans about the year 1427. This family has given bishops, priests, martyrs and heroes to Ireland. They are a branch of the MacDermot of Moylurg who was descended of Heremon, the third son of Milesius. It was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and it could compete with many monasteries of the country in extent and beauty.

In the twenty seventh of queen Elizabeth the possessions consisted of a church and cemetery with half a quarter of land of every kind annual value 6s 8d English money. They were granted to Francis Crofton who had assigned them to Edward Crofton. They have eventually fallen into the hands of the King family. In the year 1756 there were four friars attached to Ballindune, Michael Reynolds the prior, Dominick O'Hart, Andrew Dwyer and Miles Lipnan. Turlogh MacDonogh, the most eminent lawyer of his time, has been buried in this abbey.

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